Gum Disease

Gum Disease

You may not know it, but 7 out of 10 people have some symptoms of gum disease! Many fail to identify the symptoms in the early stages, resulting in irreversible conditions such as severe gum and bone destruction. This eventually leads to loose teeth that may have to be pulled out.

There are several procedures that can prevent and help with gum disease:


Scaling and Polishing – Cleaning your teeth at the dentist can help remove the stubborn stains, plaque, bad breath and calculus that have developed in your mouth. 

Root Planing therapy and Deep Curettage – This is a form of deep cleaning that removes the plaque from areas below the gum line, which provides the substrate for bacterial colonization leading to the development of gum disease.

Gingivectomy – Gum swelling sometimes may persist for a long period of time. Not only does it trap food under the gums causing bleeding and discomfort, it may also be unsightly and thus affecting your smile. This excess and unhealthy gum tissue can be removed to allow the healthy tissue to grow free from infection. It also regains the natural contour of your gum thus beautifying your smile. 

Antibiotic therapy – Gum diseases usually take a long time to recover. In some instances, antibiotics may be necessary to eliminate the persistent bacteria.


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