Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery

There are a number of situations where a dentist may have to perform a little surgery on the gum and bone in order to shape or remove undesirable anatomical structures.


Surgical extractions – Sometimes a long standing tooth may be ‘stuck’ or ankylosed which makes a normal tooth extraction difficult. Other times, root fracture due to decayed/weakened tooth may call for a surgical extraction.

Wisdom tooth removal – Occasionally, young adults may experience pain at the back of the upper/lower jaws due to the eruption of wisdom tooth. The pain may initially present as a nagging pain that comes and goes with swelling of the gums. This is usually a good indication to visit the dentist before decay on the tooth and adjacent teeth takes place.

Abscess treatment – A long standing case of infection may cause the development of pus. This may be an indication for pus removal with a combination of surgery and antibiotics. 

Alveoloplasty – Reshaping the bony structure to make it ideal for receiving a prosthesis.

Apicectomy – Removal of the infected part of the tooth tip and sealing it to ensure the recovery of the surrounding anatomy.